Make your phone battery last forever!

…Not quite, but it’s a step forward. Carbon nano-tubes are an amazing invention, they have so many uses from structural for strength to the use of electrical gizmo (even those paper batteries). People of greater intelligence that you or I (50% true) have decided another battery related use for the tubes:

A big chunk of the battery drain on mobile devices comes from memory access. Whenever your phone or laptop does anything, it has to go get instructions from its memory, which costs electricity. Researchers from the University of Illinois have replaced a bunch of the tiny wires that channel electricity through digital memory with even tinier carbon nanotubes, which draw up to a hundred times less power.

Flash memory bits store data as electrical charges at relatively high voltages, and the amount of energy consumed is directly proportional to the size of the components that store the data, meaning that bigger components suck down more power. Reducing the scale of the electrical contacts to nanotube size makes such a big difference in efficiency that the research team believes that it might be feasible to run devices exclusively on energy harvested from kinetic motion or waste heat.

Now Im gonna go ahead and assume that my average readers ADD kicked in about the same time as mine so let me sum up for you. Most battery drainage comes from the highly [electricly] inefficient command functions between processor and memory. These tubes lower the impedance(think of it like friction) and necessary power usage(like you on a diet) required to do these tasks, thus increasing the performance of a battery by nearly 1000%. Now of course as with any cool friggin thing there is no current information about when this technology will be available for commercial use. but I hear thru my contacts(read: the source page) that they are trying to increase the efficiency even more to make kinetic energy sufficient for un-shackled use. Which is good cuz im not into restraints

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