R2-D2 IS the droid you are looking for

NOTE: Im on the road today to meet up with some peeps the next state over so I wont really have the typical quantity you would expect from me (but it’s the weekend, so just love that Im here for you and dont complain). Imma start off with something cool to try to make it up.

Are you seeing with your eyes what You are surely loving with all your heart? That there is R2, breathe it in. “So what C-man? why should we be so excited about an R2 bot”. *SMACK SMACK SMACK* THATS WHAT YOU GET FOR DISRESPECTING R2! Now this isn’t just any R2 unit, this is an all in one fun station. R2 has an Xbox 360 custom-built into him with a projector unit so he can display the gamage just like he displayed his urgent message to Old Ben Kanobi. There’s a speaker in there too as well as and HDMI out (encase you wanted to play your 36 on a different screen), so it’s everything you need to get your game on. Now this isn’t the only R2 gaming mod out there, but it was certainly worthy of a post….and I got a post in my pants just knowing that im on my way to steal the shit out of that from creator Mark Bongo. Rebel alliance be damned, the bot is mine….oh no… IT”S A TRAP!


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