Create your own multi screen site

You know all those cool futuristic sci-fi mnovies back in the late 90’s(I’ll give you a minute to figure out the timeframe) that had those screens made out of other variously sized screens? well now you can have one!(guess they where right about the future) MIT did what MIT does best, being better at tech than you, and made a software that can take any arrange ment of any screens in any orientation and make them “sync up”  to show a perfectly stitched singular picture(so long as it can access the internet). It’s quite the clumsy process tho:

First go to the Junkyard Jumbotron website to get a unique URL. Point each device to it and it displays an identifier called an AR code. Then place the devices in any pattern, ensuring the AR codes are displayed. Take a picture of the arrangement and send that photo to a special email address.
By scanning the different AR codes’ positions, Junkyard Jumbotron software, designed by Rick Borovoy and colleagues at MIT’s Center for Future Civic Media, figures out the screens’ rotations. Each device’s browser tells the system how big the screen is. Then email a picture, and the system figures out how to carve up the image and display it across each screen.

Im not really sure what good this could do you ever, but it is awesome and thats what counts. Borovoy made crap tons of statements that can be painfully read thru the link but they were all very open ended and in need of much more refining in order for them to be applicable. Still neat tho, good job!

this is more like what the actual software would work...just better


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