Androids face to face wit iPhone

The huge war between Google’s Androis OS and Apples iOS keeps the users fighting a oneway war against eacother pretty much all the time. It’s like watching Braveheart but with phones and no Mel Gibson,and a waaaay better love scene. But thanks to a newer app sold to iPhone’s you can now use the video chat feature to talk to your friends who happen to be on your rivals platform. Qik video connect is sold for $3(they are working on passing a free featureless version) and allows the cross-platform video chatting nearly without a hitch. They arent the first app to offer it but Qik is standard on most high end droid phones and will mesh with facetime a little more seamlessly. Skype announced a few months back that it would like to buy Qik, but it seems (with the release of te new app) that they wont be going anywhere to soon…..unless Skype is just going to own them in name, then it doesnt matter much. I like this little break from the bloody battlefields of the smartphone wars, it gives people a chance to look stupid and sound dumb no matter what OS their friend might fly a banner for. Besides what good is video chat if you have to be part of a club to do it, barring online sex rooms of course, my favorite….dont tell my girl!

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