Your future ride could get hacked from tunes

Cars are becoming more and more computerized every year the car industry pushes them out of their no no parts. And tho they may not yet be robots in disguise, they are talking with all our devices like the tramps circuits they are. Well because of all this advancement there is a growing concern of failure in the computer systems, not specifically software failures but more security failures. University of Washington and UCSD have been trying to force their way into car computes for a few years now and there most recent breakthrough seems to have led to some gold (isn’t that call alchemy?, ahahah get it..cuz…awww nevermind). The researchers found that if they altered the music file playing on a disc (or media player for that matter) that they could hide a trojan horse virus in the song itself.
Once the song played the firmware to the systems computer could be broken thru and accessed by the virus. Now the main concern isnt that they would perform a sector 0 attack and shut down the car, believe it or not most black hat hackers have a reason to write viruses(which usually dont include killing people). the big concern now is that remote access could be given to the script author who could then command your vehicles systems thru a Bluetooth device, say unlocking your doors and starting the ignition. Car companies are already talking about new security upgrades necessary for defense against such attacks, and odds are by the time it could be a problem we will have a solution.

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