RIP ZUNE(+rant)

It was a sad moment in my life when I heard the report that Microsoft had put Zune to rest. As you all know, Im no Apple fan….at least in the way that I wont fawn over their products just cuz it’s theirs(they actually would have to surpass the others). It was the killing blow that really took me by surprise, especially since in my experience with both devices I found the Zune to be a better media player. What it came down to was the app-value, people are so preoccupied with doing a billion (stupid) things at once that they no longer care if a device does what you bought it for. Frankly the novelty of apps wore off a long time ago for me, I dont really download new apps on my (hopefully soon to be gone) iPhone. I guess I just figured that I really dont need to play all those stupid tossing animal games or puzzles, the only apps I do get are ones that would actually pertain to my business and thats because its on my phone…I wouldnt put such distractions on my media player. I know many of you would throw arguments at me that people dont want to carry around multiple devices anymore, but if thats the case why have an iPhone and an iPad…..there the same friggin thing in different sizes. I dont know I guess it’s just sad the a good media player got lost to the fog of war, but at least the software will still stay around for the Windows phones (not that I’ll be getting one of those).


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2 thoughts on “RIP ZUNE(+rant)

  1. gammaparticle on said:

    Okay now this article I previously missed. I have an old 8GB Zune with a tiny FM tuner. Hasn’t been used for awhile, but still bummed that Microblah decided to end it. 😦

    • I really liked mine, I used to use it at the gym(laughable I know) because I hated my music stopping when I git an email or text message or even worse a call. I couldn’t just shut my phone off, with work it just isn’t an option. I always find it sad when a superior technology gets hurried because its not at the peak of social conformity. And with that I say my serious quota for tue month is reached lol.

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