VALVE dons the wig and gavel

VALVE is a pretty nice company, but they are a company none the less and don’t like when you try to gyp them out of money. Recently a subscriber felt the need for money (im guessing hookers) and the only thing he held of value in his sad little life was the $1800 worth of games he legally purchased from VALVE. So he went on to sell his account via Reddit:

“I’m looking at money of course, not full price considering I bought most of them on sale, but maybe we can come to some sort of deal…Of course if someone actually takes me up I’ll be removing my credit card information from the account, along with my friends list,”

Now the problem with this is that there was a VALVE employee reading it, and it’s against the terms of use agreement to sell, rent or transfer your account rights in any way. So VALVE locked him out of all $1800 worth of games and prohibited the use of his account. Frankly I don’t find this to be such a bad punishment. It taught him a lesson without serious damage to either party. For that I commend VALVE, also the account is currently back on, and all is well in Nottingham.


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