Doo dle loodle doo doo da doo doo da dee doodle dee doo da doo. That was me playin music in Irish spirit and river dancing, did you like it? Weeeeellll by now everybody should be leaving work early to head out to there nearest favorite watering hole, preferably an Irish pub, to whet there whistle and sing merrily right thru into the wee night. Whether or not this holiday is about drinking (hint: it’s not) doesnt change the fact that we are gonna do it…and do it hard. Whether your drinking foo-foo drinks (like me) or beer (like me) or hard liquor (like me), everybody gets a free pass to be drunk and belligerent in the course of having a great time tonight. The only person who will say otherwise is your boss because the bastard didnt have the common decency to give the day after off, the nerve of some people. Well I raise my glass to all of you (yeah I started drinking early) and wish you all a Happy St. Patricks day! Now go get hobo-drunk and start a bar brawl.

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