I will protect this house!

Need to keep those pesky burglars out of your house? shoot the f#@kers. Dont want a lawsuit? get a dog. But if you’re looking for something in between that could be hilarious on the 6 o’clock news, get the Burglar Blaster! The Burglar Blaster is an alarm of some kind (looks to be motion sensors style) that takes the process one step toward extreme prejudice, once this baby is trip it counts down a programmable timer that will set of a bottle with 2,000 sqft worth of pepper spray to painfully put an end to the crime spree. Sure you have to hire a clean up crew to wipe the mess away, but that sombitch won’t look to pretty for his mugshot…or the camera crew you called ahead of time. Cost is $600, which I think is a decently high bang to buck ratio, unless your thinking more along the line of a Claymore security system…in which case, I love you.
via [ubergizmo]

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