Bottle opener w/ cap catcher

This is not a neat idea. But I needed to show it to you for exactly that reason. It’s a pretty simple design, it’s just a bottle opener with a container attached to it to catch allof the caps from the drinks your opening. Now Im going to show you why it’s not a good idea. Firstly, I have never in my life ever heard anyone once complain that it’s too much of a hassle to throw the bottle caps away (“I’d have a beer if I didnt have to chuck the cap” is not a normal sentence anywhere in the world). Secondly, it doesn’t even serve as a testament to your coolitude because the container would have to be so much larger it would be too massive and unwieldy to use (keeping you in control goes out the window cuz it would just be a trophy as to how much of a pussy you are). In deed there is no reason for this, and I implore you to never buy it should you come across one. Your awesomeness depends on it


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