AT&T adds another T

Hey everyone, sorry for my absence as of late it seems that Thursday night gave me more problems than I was expecting….I gotta get myself a nice girl who is also hot, not just that latter. Now on to the news

Well it finally happened, AT&T after many months of speculation has finally bought out T-Mobile officially  adding over 30 million customers to its ranks. This is huge for AT&T as it has had major losses since the whole Verizon iPhone debut (that blew ass) a couple of months ago. The buy-out cost about $39 billion which was just a bit over the $375 dollars I offered T-Mobile to buy them out last Tuesday (hey I think thats far more than they are worth). Perhaps AT&T will get mighty from this gain, after all they get all the T-Mobile customers and all the old T-Mobile customers will be able to get the iPhone and be on AT&T networks. Im still Waiting for my Moto Bionic to come out on VZdubs tho…tegra 2 dual core phone…sweetness.


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