Google takes simple to a whole new level

Boom! ground breaking news huh? Yeah, I actually liked the old one better too, but this new icon is supposed to symbolize how Chrome makes browsing the internet simpler and lighter (quicker). So at least it makes sense, but frankly it doesn’t hurt to have a little flair Google. Try simplifying your face and picking up a complex and intelligent and most of all surplused in personality hot chick, It doesn’t work, your cover has to be sophisticated and piled with massive amounts of manly awesomeness like me (that’s right ladies, I’m available, oh yeah). Well anyway not everybody gets to see this plainfully (see what I did there?) put together icon immediately, it’ll be distributed across the board soon tho…of course then again you can barely see the friggin things, so what does that even matter.

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2 thoughts on “Google takes simple to a whole new level

  1. I do agree, they should keep the flair of the old logo… and noticed in the few last posts here a trend, are we getting slightly desperate for some ladies 😀

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