You got it right:Shotgun-Guitar

Sweden must be kicking some major ass lately to be hitting my radar so often. Today they come to us with a weapons bust, Being all kinds of detective-y and rummaging thru a suspected dealers goods only to find an odd addition: a guitar that sung a sweet melody of the 12 gauge symphony. The dealer, when confronted with it, admitted to it being “just a fun thing” he had been working on. I completely friggin agree, it was a massively fun thing. I want to start a garage band now called Suk My Boomstick and have all the instruments really be hidden weapons….it will sound horrible but anyone listening with be dead anyway, so STRIKE UP THE BAND!


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One thought on “You got it right:Shotgun-Guitar

  1. ah so feels good to be swede now… proud of my homies (1st time I’ve used that word…)

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