Heyheyhey, regulation length Cptn. America trailer

Yeppers This here is your first look at an actual advertisement worthy trailer for Captain America. You get to see that dude from the Losers take steroids and become patriotic or something. Red Skull guys gives a quarter second performance and all said and done Im still iffy on seeing this movie, that is to say Im gonna see it regardless. enjoy!

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4 thoughts on “Heyheyhey, regulation length Cptn. America trailer

  1. this will most likely be a DVD movie for me, was never a huge fan of Capt. America…

  2. Being a life-long fan of the Marvel Universe and the Cap, I’ve high hopes for this film. The 1990 version of Captain America with Matt Salinger playing the main character was box office poison. Let’s hope that lessons were learned throughout the last 21 years and this release does not kill Captain America for the second time.

    • oh that one was bad, and can’t see they would make a 3rd try if this one bombs… but gotta admit that the trailer looks kinda good (it’s growing on me more and more) and Hugo Weaving as the villain is god-sent…

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