Soccer World cup in Quatar to be cooled by Blimps

Okay, Im not really super savvy on anything that has to do with soccer or blimps for that mater, so please give me a little play room with this one. Okay so in 2022 the World cup is going to be in Quatar, in the middle of summer. Apparently it’s normal for temperatures to get past 110 degrees (Im gonna go ahead and assume thats Fahrenheit) so this coud be a major problem for the spectators, let alone the players. In order to alleviate the pain of sprinting up and down the filed in blistering heat the smartest minds in Quatar have decided to use giant solar-powered blimps to imitate clouds and block out the sum. No that wasn’t a joke, im serious, Thats how the people of Quatar (I’d call them Quatarians but then all I can think of is that they are  neighboring the planet Hoth). They only cost $500,000 to make so they plan on having a whole bunch of them by 2022. My only input is, Whats with all the effort? why not just build a cover for the stadium (or a new covered stadium).


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