the coolest F’n tent in the world!

I was (for a margin of a second) curious as to how the President makes secure calls to his prostitutes when he isn’t on Airforce 1. It would be a hell of a day if everytime he was feeling giddy he had to run back to the plane. Now I know your probably gonna scream in my ear about that weird ass blackberry he has with the NSA encryption mode on it. Well im talking secure convo, not secure line, So he is gonna need eavesdrop protection to say the least. CAll in the SCIF! the SCIF is one letter short of sci-fi, and it’s almost worth it to make up a final word just to make it so, as it is straight out of a sci-fi series. It’s a tent that houses its own power and air supply and is made out of a secret material specifically designed to nullify emissions (like the radio wave kind not fumes….tho that too). No signal can get in or out except the one super encrypted phone line that is upped by satellite. Heres a huge quote explaining all that junk:

This can mean creating a self sufficient pod with its own air supply, says Phil Lago, who is one of the founders of Command Consulting Group, a company which provides SCIFs to government agencies.

“We have to make sure that any kind of emissions don’t get out. That could be from your laptop, your radio, your telephone,” he explains.

Rather than a ring of steel around a secure complex, he likens it to a “ring of electronic waves” which prevents signals from getting in and out of the tent. The only signal which can get out is the encrypted communications, which are made through a secure and encrypted phone line, which sends conversations through a satellite, he says.[…]

The tent itself is windowless and is made from a secret material which is designed to keep emissions in and listening devices out.

Only those specially authorised can go inside a SCIF, with entry usually requiring a combination of pin numbers, access badges and biometric data.

The perimeters of the tent might be controlled by guards, but there would also be people monitoring outside to see if any data gets out. “You have a line of defence for everything,” says Mr Lago.

So, in layman’s terms, ITS THE COOLLEST FRIGGIN TENT EVER!! and i want three of them, now.

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