12 YO may have solved the big bang

Okay this kid is a genius. I’m not saying that because I in agreement to his theories either, I’m saying that because he has an IQ of 170 which is literally genius level (in the 99.9995 percentile range, well past most High IQ societies). Now he already takes college level advanced astrophysics courses and also tutors for those same courses. This kid has jobs laid out for him already and so on and blah blah…you get the point: He’s brilliant, you can’t type without spell check. So anyway this little has come up with a new theorem behind the big bang (more so having to do with the Einsteinian equation). I have to admit  that I understand exactly none of what he is talking about, but apparently other, full-sized, scientists in the field think he may be on to something and are urging for him to chase it down. I know how to make this kid dumb tho, show him a boob! yeah…who’s smart now son..


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