Digital girlfriend

Are you a busy and important single man like myself nerd totally unlike me and don’t have many, many beautiful girlfriends? Want to take that clinically insane fantasy game you play with online porn a step farther? Well you may just be able to do that very soon, you sick bastard you. Cloud Girlfriend would create an entire digital being with a personality and (more importantly) look in command to what you order. The faux girlfriend would send you messages and leave sweet little nothings on your wall on Facebook. The profile for said FGF would be managed by a real-life women (that mystical creature you have yet to tame) so that it would look and feel totally legit. Now for the bad news, The company is really adamant about the service “not being a sex hotline” and being just about making the perfect long distance relationship without the hassles of having to deal with her physically (sounds like I’ll be missing out on the best part). It’s still in the process of getting ok’d thru Facebook and Twitter’s terms of use agreements,but considering some of their past follies I think it’ll make it past that and be out shortly.

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2 thoughts on “Digital girlfriend

  1. Hahahahaha!!! We all knew the day would come when the Nerd Lobby would push hard enough to make fake girlfriends into real girlfriends. This is the first step to robot girlfriends and we have been lucky enough to see it’s inception.

    • Anonymous on said:

      Hahaha it seems you already know the path this will lead us on. Who do you work for?!?!? Are you from the future!?!?? ^_^

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