Joulies are made by witches

Joulies are these stainless steel coffee bean-shaped temperature control devices designed specifically for coffee that are totally made by wizards and witches. They are actually pretty amazing as they not only cool your coffee down but also keep it from getting cold too quickly. Inside each one of these shiny beans is a material that melts at a temperature of 140°F, as it melts it absorbs heat from the surrounding coffee. Now here’s the sweet part once the coffee drops down below the melting pont and the material starts to harden, it throws some of the collected heat back into the coffee keeping it at the perfect drinking temperature for twice as long as normal. The better insulated your container is the better the Joulies work, so having some kind of thermos could yield you an entire day of perfectly tempered coffee. They are $40 over at Kickstarters which also has a small video explaining in no better terms what I said, but do as you like. Personally I don’t trust the magik users so I wont be drinking any of their roofie elixir coffee, plus I drink iced coffee cuz I don’t have time to coddle a drink, I gots to suck that Baileys imbued drink as quick as possible before the boss tests it.


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