Browser popularity infographic

*actual infographic  HERE*

This here is an informative graphic design that shows the popularity of internet browsers by year. Explorer really kicked a lot more ass than I remembered and opera never went anywhere. But internet browser popularity is much more flexible than internet bowser popularity which is at a constant 0. That just what happens when you kidnap internet peaches and have internet plumbers ride internet dinos to your internet doom. Quick how many times did I say internet…WRONG the answer was internet times.

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3 thoughts on “Browser popularity infographic

  1. oh Netscape my dear friend, saved my life in the beginning of the surfing but surprised by this, thought that Firefox had gone past explorer in popularity. hmm… don’t think I have opened up my explorer in ages…

    • I actually deleted mine. I do however like Explorer better than Firefox, for reasons I simply cant explain. Now Im a Chrome man, Best browser ever.

      • I do love Chrome, am using Rockmelt though and love it to bits, so far the best one for me, getting all my updated blogsites updates I’m watching on my sidebar… true love 🙂

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