Which nerd character do you measure up too?

Hey guys, sorry wont be many posts for the next couple of days as we had a April Fools joke go horribly awry. I can’t tell you much until; the investigation is complete but there were more than just small fuzzy animal victims and the collateral damage was plentiful. On a side note I can tell you that small and cute animals when feed on a carefully constructed diet of tiny metal pellets and volatile mixtures of chemicals make excellent improvised frag grenades. I do mourn for the families of the departed(if they had families), however convenient this may be….as April 1rst never has any real news. Oh yeah before I forget this is a chart I saw a ways back, I forget where from, I wanna say nerdapproved but can’t be positive, It’s all over the internet tho I’m sure you’ll find it. It’s pretty self-explanatory, you see the heights of famous nerd fantasy stars. Can you Name them all??

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