Iceland wants to change it’s name to wikileaks!(not really)

*that was my only picture from Iceland….it’s perfect*

Hiya Fans! I wanted to sneak back in here and share a little something with you I got wind of from a new journalist buddy in jail last night….It was a long day/night of drinking…it was bound to happen.

Ice land has thrown out a huge initiative, they want to become an international sanctuary for media deployment. Let me make that a bit more clear for you, they want to be a place where “freedom of speech” has no bounds. So you would effectively be able to publish anything there and never be asked to release your sources or be censored because it is a new light into a conspiracy. Obviously this is an extreme measure in any regard, but how else is a tiny little island like Iceland supposed to get any publicity(and thusly cash). There are obvious drawbacks to this: nation, or international, security could be at stake just as Assange found out with his site. Theres is a slightly worse spectrum tho, international political propaganda. Say there is an investigation into corruption amongst the upper echelon of the Chinese government by a group banned in china and they post it thru an Icelandic server to get the buffs of free speech. Now that would draw much negative attention from china to Iceland. It doesn’t stop there either, the new setup could make Iceland the center for Libel as well as freedom. If you have no needs to prove your sources or anything at all in your article you could send a mass wave of false publications in order to sway votes or wrongfully tear down existing statutes or any number of vicious things. This is a very touchy thing indeed, if this can even be done at all without destroying the small thread of truth left in journalism I would be very surprised. I commend Iceland for their efforts towards a sanctuary to write without persecution, but when that extends to the ability to write falsehoods without prosecution it is just a bit to dangerous for my tastes. This is still an act in progress as there are many current statutes and laws that would have to be altered in order for this to go thru, perhaps in the process they will find a way to facilitate the freedoms without the evils.

read more at [LATimes]

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