Beer: a how to graphic

I dont fully consider this an infographic…and I dont know why, it has the two prerequisites after all. But It has to do with beer and, more over, how to make your own. Now I literally did not read a friggin word on this thing so I hope Im right in assuming the purpose of this chart. Graph after the jump, good drinking my friends.


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2 thoughts on “Beer: a how to graphic

  1. my trial with making beer was an awful disaster, tasted bloody awful and will never try it again, but it was alcohol and as a 17yr old you don’t care that much… yikes, lethal beer… gives me shivers still thinking about that taste.

    • It’s a time I actually miss, Being so impervious to bad tasting liquor just because it was new(ish). Now I drink nothing but good shit (good not necessarily expensive) because that other garbage doesn’t sit well

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