Survey shows majority approval for cellphones in school

Not from the school system of course, but from (unsurprising) students and parents. A recent survey conducted with 35,000 students from 6,500 schools showed majority favor use of cellphones in schools, over half the parents also backed this standing. Here are a few key points as shown by techland and my translation into truth(added in red):

  • For high schoolers, 61% indicated they owned cell phones that wasn’t a burner, though 53% of schools ban them outright.
  • 74% of those students say they would likely use their phones to check grades(read:talk non-stop to friends), 68% say they would take class notes on how ugly Sharron looks today, and 44% would use them for digital textbooks(spelled P-O-R-N). (Which I can get behind, because books are heavy.)
  • High schoolers aren’t the only ones: 67% of parents say they would buy their student a phone for school work to get super brownie points from their angst filled teen — if phones were allowed. plus it would make an easier excuse to go thru their text messages looking for “homework stuff”
  • 71% of high school students said that lifting Firewalls and strict filters would be the absolute best way to enhance their learning experience(AKA allow them to go to irrelevant sites and connect to the highest grade smut).
  • 20% of kids from kindergarten to second grade own cell phones because their parents half fear the falsehood of a more dangerous world (as if the kid would choose 911 over candy) and half fear their child slipping into the “uncool” sector of life. (I had pogs.)
  • So yeah, there you have it. I so hate being lied to, Why not just tell me “I need to talk about Richie’s pecks or I’ll just die!”, I’d believe that way before “I’d rather type on this tiny keyboard with horrific auto correct to take notes, paper just has too much friction”. Tell you what I’ll allow it if there is a dire consequence for chit-chatting with them, Like an insta-F or paying me $50.


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