Predator: the camera tracking system that learns(skynet?)

Predator is a tracking system that is based of the principles of most tracking systems, it uses collected data and applies limited allowances for changes so that it can detect an object throughout an entire video feed watch your every move and keep you down in the dirt where you rebels belong. Zdenek Kalal, who sounds remarkably like the foreign dude from Taxi(the old sitcom, not the old movie….just watch the vid), developed a new algorithm for the tracking software that allows it to learn better and thus track smarter. This man has obviously never see any robot apocalypse movies nor big-brother government ones during his stay at the University of Surrey in England for his PhD. So the short version is this:Once implemented you will never hide from this software(read:overlords,robots or otherwise), but it does have some neat gesture recognition capabilities with the use of only one camera (Kinect is a poly camera system guys). Watch the video, as its extremely informative and is needed to plant the software in your brain for CIA black-helicopters to track you.


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