Black hole eats star, poops sunshine

NASA’s “Swift” satellite likes to voyeur it some Gamma Ray Bursts in the distant reaches of space. A Gamma Ray Burst is a type enormous radiated explosion that thankfully don’t usually happen us too often, in fact it hasnt yet because anything within a couple thousand light years or so would completely wipe out life on the planet. GRB’s release a lot of energy, like 5.256×1015 worth of our sun per second (ten billion years to every second). This is of interest to NASA scientists and the latest images have been like porn, what was originally thought to be a sun exploding the shit out of itself seems to have actually been a black hole devouring the sun like an evil Kirby. Heres a talkie breakdown of the events:

What may have happened is that a star orbiting the black hole just fell in for some reason. As this took place, the star was stretched out into a long thing blob by tidal forces from the black hole, and at some point, the gravity from the black hole overwhelmed the gravity of the star itself, literally ripping it apart. The leftover star pieces would have orbited the black hole for a short time forming an accretion disk, which would have given off enormous amounts of energy before crossing the black hole’s event horizon and exiting our dimension.

WOW…there were least 5 good band names in there. So there you have it, Devil Kirby got pissed and ate Mrs. Pac-Man, Tabloid are thoroughly a muck everywhere. I have only one question: How many superheros have been made by all these Gamma release events?

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