Fingual, a digital sign language translator

Fingual is my new hero. See I have this friend who is hard of hearing, so hard in fact he’s deaf. Problem is I’m such a terrible friend that I refuse to learn sign language since my hands are “far too pretty to be contorting them in such odd fashions”. We ran into a second problem when every signing translator he would hire ended up being bedded by me, the problem wasn’t my “whorish” behavior tho…it was that he could seemingly not find a single ugly or male translator to hire. Thats where Fingual comes in! with Fingual you can wear a glove and it will automatically translate sign language into perfectly intelligible letters on a computer screen, It’s like other dictation software but for the deaf/mute. Now anytime he want’s a beer or needs to use the bathroom, I just make him strap on the cumbersome glove/laptop combo and speak to me like a thirteen year-old: thru text……oh wait, I could have just had him type this shit out the whole time…


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