NES inside an NES cartridge, it’s like the chicken/egg thing

We have all witnessed technology become smaller and more powerful over the years, but what this usually does is make the newer technologies not as huge as your aunt’s thighs. What we dont normally do is go back in time and shrink down the old tech, this is where dany32412 said “I think not”. He took an NES system and fit it into a single cartridge, thats including power switch and controller ports. Now I’ve seen my share of NES mods, but this one is definitely the coolest, imagine plopping down a cartridge and plugging another cartridge in it to play? Just awesome. I wonder if this can be done with those Genesis cartridges that could have another one plugged into them already…that would be a sweet portable system. Instructions for your own DIY cartridge NES are available over at instructables.

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