Virgin logical next step: the ocean

*this man is better than you in every way*

Virgin Group founder Richard Branson has decided to take matters to the seas and attempt supper deep dives. Not just any deep dives mind you, but submarine deep dives…we’re talkin 36,000 feet. This has only been successfully accomplished by two other people (on one project), Jacques Piccard and Don Walsh back in 1960. The deep dives would be in hopes to discover fascinating things for the betterment of mankind to smack death in the face and get Branson’s rocks off. Eventually, like the Virgin galactic space venture, he hopes to sell deep dive trips to the general public(read:rich people who can afford the absurd ticket prices) to enjoy. Wanna know what the difference between me and Branson is? besides a huge empire and shit tons of women/money, He is going to attempt all this(5 times mind you) in a specially designed submarine that is “capable of descents to more than 35,000 feet”….now I know it says “more than” but if I was going down to 36,000 feet I’d want to read something along the lines of “wont implode and make you rich-man soup until 37,000 feet”.

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