Netflix gives us all Star Trek streaming

In what is probably the only news that has ever excited me from Netflix, Star Trek will be available for streaming. Thats all Star Trek, The original series/The Next Generation/Deep space 9/Voyager/Enterprise, with TOS and TNG availible in HD. I may even actually get an account if I’m going to have all 5 series available at my finger tips (with obvious favourites of TOS and TNG of course). As far as I can gather Trekkies can look forward to all but DS9 on July 1st (DS9 coming in on October 15th) so start gathering up your Star Fleet uniforms and mixing your special brews from Quarks bar(stay away from the Romulan ale) cuz its gonna be one hell of a (nerdy)party. On a side note: I went to Quarks bar years ago(when it was open) in Vegas and it was probably the second greatest Star Trek experience ever, it physically pained me when I heard it was closed. They seriously need another one of its caliber built again…preferably in my backyard.


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2 thoughts on “Netflix gives us all Star Trek streaming

  1. THE most V.I.P. EVER on said:

    No Way!!! I just might have a small stroke about this! Thanks for the good news! 🙂

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