Sony settles with GeoHot

Did you all miss me? had a mandatory AA meeting and then a small after party…back [for] now tho..
After a long litigation battle between the super group Sony and hacker extraordinaire George Hotz, the two have finally reached a settlement and have ended the grotesque court frenzy. George is to not post anything on his blog that Sony wanted removed, this is a permanent injunction that supposedly makes both sides feel all lovey-dovey inside. But we are all smarter than that and know that Sony hates it and wishes there could have been more punishment as a warning to other. George has gone a step further and publically stated that as of 4/11/11 he will never again purchase another Sony product and urges you to do the same by joining the SONY boycott. We’ll I’ll meet him halfway…cuz I am not giving up my PS3 (wwaaaay to big of a fan) or my choice in HDTVs, but as for the rest I suppose I could go without… although I do love me some Blu-ray. Well Im just glad I wont have to read about this again for a while…at least until the next firmware comes out and GeoHot releases a crack for that with the excuse that it isn’t covered under the settlement being a separate software or something else smart.

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