Navy PEWPEWPEWs the shit out of a boat

In recent navy trials, the ONR (office of naval research) successfully completed a field trial of a 15kw ship mounted laser. The HEL was mounted on and solely powered by the USS Paul Foster and was able to fire a pulse laser beam thru 4foot waves and high humidity directly into the target boats engine housing, completely crippling the boat. This HEL is quite a bit smaller that the super PEW we covered previously, and even their goal for this particular style is only 1/5 of the super PEW. The Navy isn’t giving up on the big guns tho, as they are planning to roll out a prototype for a megawatt laser in 2018. This Huge laser, which I like to call Zeus’ Wrath, will be able to cut thru 2,000 feet of steel per second, thats 100 times more powerful than our last super PEW. So naturally I now have an erection that only lasers can satisfy, so Im off to build one now.


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