Beer-fetching robot

I dont know how to feel about this thing…it takes one thing I dont trust and mixes it with something I adore. The boys over at Willow Garage have made a robot that will fetch you a beer of your choosing(via web interface) from the fridge and bring it to you, totally taking any of the work (bad) out of getting a beer. Now I know you guys aren’t all pansy-asses and drink twist-top Bud light, but before you bring up opening the bottle I should let you know it can do that too! This thing is pretty cool, tho at the speed it’s running (the speed of horror) I would need twenty running in shifts to get my fix in. Still not sure whether to trust it tho, it could be a deathbot in disguise…like it poisons your drink or when it’s John Connors turn it thrusts the bottle thru his heart.


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One thought on “Beer-fetching robot

  1. As long as it doesn’t open the bottle before it gets to you.

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