What comes after Blu-ray?

HVD (Holographic Versitile Disc). This little bugger will be capable of  holding up to 5TB , now this wont be happening right off the bat but even the release storage will be impressive as Sony, Philips, Lanix, TDK, Panasonic, and Optware all plan to release 1 TB capacity discs in 2019. The HVD uses two separate lasers to read it, one red for reading servo information and one green for reading the encoded data. The beams are collimated into a single beam and then read by the driver. The discs are capable of transfer rates of 20MB/sec so they aren’t just space but also performance.  Initial costs are gonna be absurdly high, like $15,000 a unit and $150 a disc, but they expect it to go down pretty quick(much like your excitement did when reading that).One of the hangups on this new disc tech is that the green laser it uses is a 1 watt laser, and any one who has a green laser pointer can ell you that even a 200mw is pretty powerful (and extremely bright)…in fact a 1 watt can burn thru dark objects, so needless to say they have t find a safer way to distribute a method of accessing the format to the public. I say release it now, let the stupid burn their eyes out that way they can’t see me stealing their drive, six finger discount!…what? you only have 5?

[Wikipedia] via [Reddit]

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