Garrys mod has a planned error

Garry Newman, owner of the Half-life 2 mod Garry’s mod and all around dick, has enabled an error message that only appears in pirated versions of the game. The gist of things is that an upgrade hid a program that could check if you were running a pirated version of the game, if so it would bring up an error “Unable to shade polygon normals”. This made hordes of (illegal) users flood into official forums complaining of the confusing error. Anyone who did exactly that had their Steam ID recorded and was then permanently banned. The trick was very ingenious if not only assholish to the max level. Garry Put all this together to fight back and have a bit of fun, stating that “you can’t stop pirates.. but you can troll them”. He has been watching all his accounts light up with complaints and smiling at all the banned players. So yeah he is a douche bag…but a totally justified one at that. Lets face it people stole his property and he got revenge, and in a clever way at that, You can’t tell me you wouldn’t have done the same.


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