Surprise Trip!

Hey guys! Guess what? Im being sent on a surprise trip on the offices bank (nice), sure it’s for work but there wont be much of that going on. Anyway couldn’t have come at a better time, I have been super preoccupied with other stuff and views have been a bit down anyway…plus Im not hearing from you guys very much, so It’s well placed. But I know it’ll eat alot of my time so I thought Id leave you with something special. This here is a skit KinderGardenCop and myself wrote a ways back and just never got around to recording it…all I could find(written)was the rough draft but you can get the feel of it from here. Hope you enjoys the intense stupidity! Also, do you think we should still do it?

setting-appartment,(mandatory livingroom to bed/computer room shot capability)
(backround) ted: “meng..meng…meeeng…MEEENG…MEEENG!”
frank: looks up confused “what the fuck?….” gets up and walks hastely to teds room and opens door
TED: typing on computer, stops and looks up
FRANK: standing in doorway “why the hell are you making that…retarded noise?”
TED: “umm…i was just with..the cat?”
FRANK: “we dont have a cat”
TED: blank stare
FRANK: shakes head quick to move on. “i thought you were supposed to be working on dilogue for our next skit”
TED: “oh yeah i was doing that too” points to screen “see i figured we’d set it in a hotel, and have like co-workers rooming together for a meeting”
FRANK: quickly interjects. “you do realize it says nothing but ‘meng’ 47 times on this screen” pauses and switches to a astonished tone “and that ones spelt wrong”
TED: quickly “i type fast”
FRANK: “well anyway go ahead, tell me what you got in mind”
TED: “oh alright, so these guys land in there and dropp there bags and say ‘ man this sucks just like that time we were in….”
FRANK: interrupts “whoa whoa whoa, stop right fuckin there, we arent doing that”
TED: “you havent even heard the…”
FRANK: “we are not doing that…thats it.”
TED: confused “w..why?”
FRANK: “cuz we agreed not to do that kind of humor for our skit…its fuckin ridiculous wha…”
TED: interjects matter of factly “i think it’ll work”
FRANK: talking hastely in aggravation “NO, we are not fuckin family guy, im not gonna rely on a billion reference jokes to propel our takes. we are skit show that relys on our ‘no boundries’..a..a.apauling comedy. we are classier than that”
TED: stupidly “i still dont see where your coming from”
FRANK: still hastely “okay okay okay..let me put this in a metaphor so you can more easily grasp this”
TED: “whats a megajaw?”
FRANK: “? metaph…doesnt matter. think of it this way. our skits are awesome”
TED: spacey “fuck yeah”
FRANK: annoyed (shown in expression) “it the awesome everybody want. our skits are to the internet what a busty asian with high heels and highlights riding you cowgirl style is to you..”
TED: excited, leans closer “does she have a collar?”
FRANK: “oh yeah, AND a hat”
FRANK: “damn right. shes ridin you hard and your loving it. now your flashback joke there is the approximate digital equivalent to her period”
FRANK: “YEP! just pouring over you happiness and completely ruining everything.” teds whimpers softly in the backround “all thats left now is a bloody, grotesque scene of carnage where once stood a proud and noble skit”
TED: “no man…i dont want that to happen…cant cut its life short like that”
FRANK: talking almost as to an adolescent “so what are we gonna do to remedy this then? hmm. how we gonna bring our buddy back to life?”
TED: “okay, so want to keep the hot girl…which is the skit?” frank nods “..but we dont want the period blood…which represents my flashback joke, right?”
FRANK: eyes closed, slight grin shaking head in agreeance “nast nasty menstrual juice”
TED: thinks for a sec “so what does the bed represent?”
FRANK: :fuck i dont know uh…kssh..say uh the internet! because thats what we’re on” last half said with a sense of accomplishment in finding the allusion
TED: oh..alright…then al we gotta do is make sure we change the sheets when we are done!”
FRANK: leans against wall and buries face in one hand, (must eyes at least)
TED: “so just hit refresh then, yeah?”
FRANK: quickly responds in a slightly quieter than normal leveled voice ” fuck you” pause “fuck you till you die”
(note: consider censor fuck with traditional beeps, could be funnier that way)
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2 thoughts on “Surprise Trip!

  1. have a great holiday, regarding the skit hmmmmmmmmm…. probably better to hear it recorded 🙂

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