Multitasking makes you worse at multitasking

A new study shows that todays fast paced work and school environments may be taking a heavy toll on our minds. The common ground to succeed in modern occupations is the ability to multitask, cuz if you can’t do four people’s jobs at once then F**ck you. UCSF researchers, however, have found that constant multitasking not only kills your short-term memory (terns out it’s not just new tech after all) but also depletes your ability to efficiently multitask. Why could this be? because if you multitask to often your brain considers it one tak and thusly makes you consider it less relevant for prominent data storage. Nope, that was a lie, but it sure sounded good didn’t it? They didn’t say exactly why in the small article I read (Im too busy doing other things to check the study results myself), but they did say that people who multitask more often find their brain less capable of filtering out irrelevant data as well as being more easily distracted by toys and gimmicks(read:phones and Facebook). There isn’t really a fix for this problem as of yet other than to do one thing at a time, but Im way too busy forgetting all of that to remember.

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