Candid Crossbow

In a perfect example of both human ingenuity and excessive spare time, T. Shamir has created a tiny little baby crossbow that actually works. Not only does it fire but the many was so creative lonely that he was able to design three separate kind of projectiles for it! It fire regular bolts (thats right crossbows fire bolts Shamir!) but also ramming bots and fire bolts. Granted the fire bolt is just a mini firework on the end of it but it lights stuff on fire so it totally friggin works. This would be perfect to carry around and shoot at people’s necks for office laughs…well except for that its soo not, Jesus what are you insane?!?! It’s dangerous shenanigans with a crossbow like that that got Lincoln killed…Huh?…WHO THE F**K IS BOOTH??

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One thought on “Candid Crossbow

  1. oh man, this is just so cool… now to get those squirrels finally…

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