Samsung taking phones to the next level

No sooner does the mobile industry spit out tangible dual-core phone does Samsung come out and say “meh we can do one better”(paraphrasing of course). The top end Phones have a 1GHz dual core processor, Samsung has announce its planned release of a 2GHz dual-core phone some time next year. Such a phone would be theoretically capable of 4GHz of processing power (actual speed test would show a bit less than that) and thusy be able to bitch smack the shit out of current mobile processing units. The chipset probably wouldn’t be exclusive to Samsung either, as there new Exynos brand would allow for sale to third parties, netting some serious cash for the tech giant and allowing other manufacturers to produce some superphones of their own. there isn’t much official info to go by quite yet as it is a rather new announcement (and in marketing revealing better technology too soon dampens the sale of current technology), but with an ambitious one year deadline I can imagine we will be hearing more details shortly(hey when you got it you flaunt my massive cockatrice indoor habitat)

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