Cybercrimes on the rise

McAfee and CSIS (thats Center for Strategic and International Studies, not a shitty NBC TV show) have come out with this years study of cyber security of businesses and it is not good in the least. To put it bluntly cyber terrorism has increased to the pint of  “lets lynch the hacker down the street” levels of obscenity.

As they did a year ago, McAfee and CSIS surveyed IT executives from critical electricity infrastructure enterprises around the globe for Tuesday’s report titled “In the Dark: Critical Industries Confront Cyberattacks”. But whereas just over half of all respondents reported facing a large-scale denial of service attack or network infiltration at their facilities in 2009, more than 80 percent said they’d experience such incidents in 2010.

Threats to critical infrastructure like the “smart grid” technology being deployed by power companies are growing, the study reports, citing such new developments as the Stuxnet Windows computer worm which specifically targets industrial software and computer equipment. Yet executives in the sector made only “modest progress in securing their networks” in 2010.

So with a 60% increase from last year, I think it’s safe to say we have a serious problem. Experts seem to agree that one major key to this increase is that cyber-criminals are starting to fall towards the downtime of their victims as being the rewards instead of  extorted monetary profits (so dumb ass hackers are doing other people’s/companie’s work for them for free). When everything is all said and done the results show that cyber-security isn’t faring well and most companies are vulnerable to attacks of both the blind fury DDoS variety as well as the systematic extorted assaults. Damn good thing Im only wicked cool and not a super popular business site then.


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