Onsite navigation: the next level of lazy

People have forgotten how to drive without GPS, lets face it why remember how to go somewhere when someone can tell you all the time and you can concentrate on imagining what Phillipe would look like in an orange tutu. Well we have pretty much reached our limit with normal GPS systems..,they’re turn by turn, breath by breath, hell if you have to stop and tell a bum to get a job it’s in the friggin steps…so what comes next? Nokia plans on answering that call. Research funded by Nokia has been hard at work creating a GPS system based for indoors, one that works thru the walls and is accurate within 1 foot. Eventually the software could be used to plug-in a shopping list in a particular store and help you formulate the quickest route to all the items…because your time is that important (and by that I mean it’s totally not). It’s the next step in lazy people and it says alot of sad and shameful things about the future of mankind…so you know damn well I’ll be one of the firsts to have it. Now this is gonna take a whole lot more than it sounds, positioning beacons will have to be added everywhere and third party companies will have to work seamlessly with Nokia…oh yeah and someone is gonna have to make a map for every friggin indoor location…so Dont get your hopes up for seeing this any time soon


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4 thoughts on “Onsite navigation: the next level of lazy

  1. Not only is it lazy (and most likely inefficient), it also allows for a persons constant surveillance. The stalkers of the world are rejoicing.

    • True, it does take all the work out of stalking. I have enough problems with certain groups of people trying to track me down I don’t need ten to have any help. I doubt this will really take off, there so much work to be done before implementation and most of it on the integration side. Gotta say if it did get implemented id miss the rewarding feeling of successfully hunting down your item of desire. Would take the little bits of fun out of shoplifting…I mean legally purchasing goods…

  2. I still don’t see how it would save you anytime, first you have to take the time to enter in all your items and it will tell you were to go, assuming that the store hasn’t moved anything. And what happens when you realize you need something that you didn’t enter in, it would be a disaster, total effin chaos. Sounds more nerve-racking than time-saving.

    • Indeed it does. I for one don’t need a god damn robot telling me to do shit. I’ll do things the old fashion way, buying anything I see and fancy. The technology itself however (if improved) might prove useful for military operations or something of it’s ilk. But I won’t allow myself to be tracked like that.

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