San-Fran toothpick

This is waaaay more impressive than the title implies, no? This is a creation by Scott Weaver and it’s an artistic depiction of San-Fransisco’s public attractions made entirely out of toothpicks(somewhere around 100,000 of them). Oh and this isn’t just pretty its also practical..well amusing…well having a function other than taking up space. The monument holds a hidden(falsehood!) pong-ball track that takes you thru a tour of the city! This took Scott 35 years to make, so It is certainly a trophy to his remarkable dedication, as well as his uncanny ability to drive away women…or men, whatever. Still tho this thing is pretty awesome, I wish I had the concentration to make admirable things like that…but it takes all of the staffs combined effort to even keep me focused enough to write for this page. I mean that pen over there has been leaning on that pencil for weeks and Im getting sick of it. SHE DOESN”T WANT YOU YOU UGLY ASS PEN! SHES A STAND UP GIRL LOOKING FOR A PERMANENT MARKER. Uh-oh dry-eraser marker is swooping in to trick her into falling for his charms. Quick fine-tip Sharpie, climb into that WW1 bi-plane constructed of sticky-notes, MMMEEEEHHHHRRRROOOMMM TAT TAT TAT KABOOOOMMM! Yay, you saved the day!


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