Super WI-FI

We here at BlackSheep love anything that is “super”, Theres just something about picturing something in spandex and with a cape that makes us think of weird nights with our ex-girlfriends Saturday morning cartoons and totally not role-play stuff. Well Rice University and some group called TFA have created a “super” Wi-Fi that can vastly extend the range of reception compared to that of  traditional Wireless networks. FCC has granted use of unused UHF digital television spectrum to this new version of Wi-Fi, that must mean it’s pretty serious. Super Wi-Fi works by dynamically jumping between the traditional frequencies and these UHF frequencies, somewhere along the line a voodoo priestess kills a chicken and magic makes it go further. Okay so I dont really know how it works, but hey..Im a writer/manwhore, what more am I supposed to know?


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