Mega request

This one here is a request from the most VIP ever(their words not mine), they where looking for “the guys that act out the videogames”, and me being the omnipotent being I am, I told them exactly where to go!(right here to this post for what they were looking for). So with out too much further rambling I give you the works of MEGA64, gaming fanatics and funny makers galore. go over to their site for a whole bunch of garbage, which tho good, is about half as sexy as I am.

Resident evil 4:

Metal Gear 4: 

Assassins Creed (4?):


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3 thoughts on “Mega request

  1. THE most V.I.P. EVER on said:

    You are worthy of my praise! Your mother should be honored with many , many gifts for bringing forth such a talented human. Yes….yes she should. Thanks for the funny. lol

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