Pandora does all kinds of comedy now

Pandora is hugely popular, I would say its due to the amazing filtration engine it uses or the way it points you to new music you never imagined before…but the real reason is because people want to get to do the least amount of work possible to get the most range of artists for the smallest amount of moolah. Regardless, it is still successful and the big wigs of the company have decided they can step over into other areas with their suggestive properties. Comedy is the first of those areas and is available now. This new comedian selection uses the same kind of filtration as the music and has the same goal: to help you find new sources of the type of humor you like make money. Here the big problem with that, The sets of these comedians get broken up into smaller segments to be played thru (like that terrible Comic Remix thing on Comedy Central a while back). See we dont treat our comedians like musicians, with music we dont feel the need to listen to the entire cd just because we heard one good song, but with a good comedic gig you do. This is because the sets are usually more like stories(having references to earlier jokes that when taken out of context arent funny in the least) and if you only get a bit of that story you feel let down. Not that that is bad for the comedian, since you may go buy their shit or what have you to hear the whole set, but I can’t see how it would keep your interest long enough for the service. I know I would get annoyed and just shut it off, especially with it killing my productivity by making me click thumbs down all the time. But perhaps I am wrong in this I mean hell I though that was a woman at the bar last monday, but I was soo wrong(kinda like Birdo and I was Yoshi). So what are your thoughts? or do you not have any because Pandora has entered into your skull and is forcing you to regurgitate golden eggs (also like Birdo).


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