Japanese ghost prank…crazy people

There is only one thing I can say about Japan and that is “they are completely f**ked out of their minds”. There is more crazy shit from Japan than the rest of the world combined, and we just had that whole Charlie Sheen incident. Well anyway They also like there Game-shows over there, cuz what better way to get your insane out than to say its a competition. This particular one has some dude being scared for some reason or another, I first thought it was just the basic mirror trick (you’ll see) a thousand times, but then I realized they were going a bit further with it so I thought to myself “Just post it, it’ll give you time to swig vodka in the bathroom”. So now this is what I think average life is like in Japan.


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One thought on “Japanese ghost prank…crazy people

  1. yepp, they are quite evil those japanese people… 🙂

    still the worst one I’ve seen with the pranks, is a south american show who had the fake hostage and getting killed stunt (can’t remember exactly), that one was way worse and damn bad taste…

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