Canada sues Sony

The whole PSN hacking debacle has been tiresome for anyone with eyes and a connection to the internet. Now If you were one of the people who had their information stolen (Like yours truly) it makes it even worse, but wait there is more! Contrary to what Sony would like you to believe, those encryptions on the credit card info isn’t good enough (again first hand experience) and has made one hell of a headache for us all. Somehow I think that Sony giving free shit is gonna cut it for an apology, and neither does Canada apparently as they are suing the shit out of Sony for $1 billion. Yeah I want in on this… anyways 21-year-old Natasha Maksimovic, who along with a Toronto law firm, have dropped a lawsuit on Sony for the substantial amount and have gone off on rants and raves about the mega-corp’s tact and blah blah. Lets face it, she probably doesn’t even have an account and just wants fame and fortune. ME on the other hand lost 5 houses 20 cars and a regular spot on the Conan show from Sony’s I’ll be expecting that back.


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