Companion cube for the bathroom!

Boom, instant history…thats what was just made when I showed this to you because you’re gonna buy it and then have a super model fall madly in love with you and have super babies that save the world...twice. Thats no ordinary weighted companion cube from Aperture Science, oh no thats a 9oz package of pure soapy goodness and it smells like apples(or mountain dew…which Im pretty sure is just elevated water). It’s not just pretty either but also practical as it can be used to hold down those floor buttons you had inconveniently placed throughout your bathroom for odd functions(I mean really, a pressure switch outside the shower for water..come on). All this and more could be yours for $23 over at Etsy’s soap shop(also plenty of other noteworthy gameage soaps)

[Etsy] via [Technabob]

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One thought on “Companion cube for the bathroom!

  1. wow, oh I so want that, but the question is if I would use it though… anything that cool shouldn’t be used as soap so I would be smelling hellfire after a while due to this one…

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