Planetary for iPad, musical galaxy

Planetary, by Bloom softwares, is a visual music player that has a bit of a unique twist to it, your music media is viewed as a galaxy. Let me break this down for those of you that failed science and basic cognitive thought (all of you Im guessing). The galaxy pops up and is populated by stars, these stars represent each artist in your library. Once a star is selected you are brought into a view of a solar system where there are planets orbiting the sun, each planet represents an album from that artist. If you further select a planet you are brought close enough to see satellites (moon style not the bleep-bloopy kind), each satellite represents a track on that album. There are neat little intricacies too, like the speed of the orbits are proportional to the length of the file and size based on play count. It’s pretty neat and almost makes me wanna have an iPad, except not at all cuz I dont like em. But sweet none the less, I suggest you go get it from here if you have an iPad, otherwise just watch the video and drool.


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One thought on “Planetary for iPad, musical galaxy

  1. THE most V.I.P. EVER on said:

    I failed nothing!! Anyway, I agree with you, tis sweet. But let us ponder…..excessive eye-candy to boost lagging iPad sales? I wonder….

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