Bon Voyager (well maybe deep space nine)

Hey guys! listen, I’ve got some good news and some bad news. I’ll give you the bad news first so that you can get a good cry out this morning before work. I have been called away on urgent unforeseen circumstance (not having to do with another child support case), so I unfortunately wont be able to really write and all of you will grow ignorant because of it. The good news is pretty good tho, I have spoken with the higher powers and I’m getting a damn good writer to enlighten all of you whilst I am away, so make sure you go out and celebrate…cuz you are in for a treat. The only writer that was top-notch enough to sit in my desk and use my porn subscriptions productively was none other than KinderGardenCop.  He should be rolling in with the articles either today or tomorrow (whenever he is gotten a hold of), so prepare to be impregnated with his comedic seed. I’ll check in on you guys at the end of the week and see how things are….Great is what it better be or im going to drink my self into a bloody brawl with tigers.

-With great love for myself,


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2 thoughts on “Bon Voyager (well maybe deep space nine)

  1. have a nice couple of days of blogging and hopefully it will be still here when you get back… so now, anyone know where he hides his liquor on this blog.

  2. THE most V.I.P. EVER on said:

    He’s gone…really??? WooHoo!! *tosses Rincewind the keys to the liquor link, starts flippin’ through the channels on the flat screen TV, fires up the hot tub* Oh ya….this is gonna be cool! *lists his porn collection on ebay for some quick cash* So cool…. 😉

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